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NOTE:  If a candidate successfully passes the IBA admission process, he/she will be provided with a special invitation to the official presentation of some of the highly-ranked boarding high school programs presented by their representative from the USA, which will take place here in Belgrade, Serbia with the purpose of providing academic scholarship packages directly on site (only for high school candidates).


We have the extraordinary honor to host the official representatives from highly reputable US high school programs every year. Head of Schools and Admission Directors from Georgia, Utah, Maine, Hawaii, and New Mexico, will conduct the live presentation on their Boarding High School program. The IBA team would be able to provide information on unique opportunities for each candidate and their parents, on site with all relevant facts and information in regards to Boarding High School system that successfully exists for decades, somewhere more than 100 years.


Student participation on such events is limited. Due to high demand, the IBA team would have to do evaluations of each candidate in order to determine the selection of IBA candidates who would satisfy all academic and/or athletic admission requirements.

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